Data intersect study at FAAR


    Data Intersect Study is a series of spatial sonic and visual interventions to get in touch with the scale of big data. Using an old matrix printer for which I have written my own printer driver, I visualize 'found data'. The scale of the data leaks printed on a loud & slow printer can fill a room with just a fraction of what was found. Using algorithms to extract some meaning I look for aesthetics in noisy signals. I amplify this in livecoded (ascii)visuals and live patched modular sound design. I keep adding data sources as I find them and I keep evolving all aspects of the installation that is always tailor made to the space where it is on display creating a new experience for each expo. Below is an impression of the show at Faar in Antwerp.

    The expo opens with the intersection of the silkscreened expo poster containing all the names from people with a relationship status ‘single’ on facebook in Antwerp (Riso-print)

    It goes on into a dark space where matrix printed ascii art and eerie sounds fill the space. It is a tiny fraction of the actual found data filling the space.

    “No, I have no Facebook!” Left

    “It’s Complicated” Right + Detail picture

    “data communism” Mid (seen from the backside)

    trilogy, printer ink on chain paper, found data (2022)

    The resulting space is used for a performance with selfbuilt electronics and software using the found data. In this case facebook profile data and peoples AI conversational prompting data used to train AI models. A performance straight from my data lab

    Data intersections lab (Faar Deurne 2022)

    Modular data Lab (Ontsteking Gent 2021)

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