algorave FilmEU Summit

    I did a livecoding performance at C-Mine LUCA School of Arts for the filmEU summit. Not only the music was livecoded, the visuals where live prompted in a continuous stream of AI generated images. Instead of making live music to a silent movie, a movie was generated for a soundtrack.

    Screengrab of the live show at C-Mine October 5th 2023 with some cam footage
    (© Palmares Productions) on top, Thanks Lukas & Thibaut

    Chronosynth is a live coding performance where both audio and image are created on the spot. The audio is made in a tidalcycles live coding environment with the help of some external instruments (like the TUNP). The images are an infinite panorama created by Stable Diffusion and live prompting using a custom web interface. The images are stitched into an infinite panorama using a process of automated outpainting that was developed at kaotec during a summer internship with Floor

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