Surveillance ā€˜Nā€™ Enforcement Application, Kinda Privacy Endangering & Ethically Questionable

    This project was creted during a workshop I gave covering the topics Fake news and AI. It was created with the help of students in the workshop

    Security in Brussels is a hot topic. Responding to current events, we introduce visitors to the Brussels police's latest acquisition to ensure the capital's security: smart AI cameras that automatically recognise people. We can read all about it in the article from Newzz magazine.

    Only... It is (thankfully) fake news. While the visitor reads the article, the iPad takes a picture of the unsuspecting reader and we ask AI to put his face live on an image where he commits an offence. Through fake news, we trap the reader and give a fake fine.

    In every step of the process, we use AI technology. For instance, the article was co-written by AI and the laws were also devised by AI. Also, every photo is completely generated by AI, just like the face swap which is done automatically with AI.

    take picture, while reading the article

    automatically swap face, BUSTED!

    show the fine

    article, generated using AI

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